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Ronad | Infrastructure, DevOps

Project ID: 171
Project Type: Design and implement network and software infrastructure, DevOps model
Cooperation/Project duration: 2021
Company/Business name: Ronad
Headquarters: Tehran, Iran
Industry: Logistics platform

Company/Business introduction: 

RONAD is a tech-enabled 3PL and 3PF that offers smart, fast, and reliable fulfillment with an integrated logistic network in Iran. Ronad’s proprietary technology combines order and inventory management, warehouse management, predictive data, and analytics, as well as optimized shipping for e-commerce companies. To date, the company has established 30 active branches in all provinces of the country.


Designed, built, and maintained production infrastructure to run their microservices, Also all server software implementations including Kubernetes, databases, and other software were automated using Ansible.

Key points: 

High available Kubernetes cluster was implemented

Ceph cluster was run as a storage solution to provide block storage to Kubernetes

Prometheus, Alertmanager, and Grafana were deployed on Kubernetes to collect metrics

Management, Data, and Storage networks were designed

VMware ESXi and vCenter were run as a virtualization solution

High available HAProxy servers were setup and configured as a gateway

Master/Slave database servers were setup

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