Design and setup network and software infrastructure | DevOps | Ghabouli mobile application

Project ID: 1388
Project Type: Design and setup network and software infrastructure | DevOps
Technologies: Windows Server, CentOS, VMware ESXi/vCenter, Docker, VyOS, Kerio Control, Apache, Nginx, Bash, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, WordPress, PRTG, HAProxy, Ansible, Postfix, Dovecot, Roundcube, OpenLDAP, GitLab, Veeam, ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer, JIRA, Matrix Synapse, Cloudflare, pgAdmin, Metabase, Redis, coturn, Nextcloud, Etherpad, Etherdraw, Jitsi Meet, Issabel
Completion time: December 2019
Executor: Ali Yousefian, Ghabouli Team


In this project, all server software configurations are implemented using Ansible.


Load balancing system

Failover system

Design Management and Data network/Point to point VPN between offices & datacenters

Organization email system

Organization instant messaging/Video conference/VOIP

Issue tracking system

Centralized Log Management

Backup system

Directory Access/Single sign-on system

and …

Screenshots: –

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