Petabad | Infrastructure, DevOps

Project ID: 153
Project type: Design and implement network and software infrastructure, DevOps model
Cooperation/Project duration: 2021
Company/Business name: Petabad
Headquarters: Tehran, Iran
Industry: Pet products

Company/Business introduction: 

Petabad is an online shop website and a mobile application that provides products and services for pets.


In this project, all server software configurations were implemented using Ansible. Also, built, maintained, and scaled infrastructure for production and dev environments.

Key points: 

VMware ESXi and vCenter were run as a virtualization solution

Master/Slave Postgresql database servers were setup

High available HAProxy servers were setup and configured

Management and Data networks were designed

An email system was setup

Legacy applications were migrated into Docker containers

Intra-organizational instant messaging, VOIP, and meeting systems were setup

Issue & Project tracking system was implemented using Jira

ELK stack was implemented to collect logs

Veeam was setup and bash scripts were written to backup data

PRTG, Prometheus, and Grafana were setup to monitor and collect metrics

Directory access and a single sign-on system were implemented using OpenLDAP

An intra-organizational file-sharing system was implemented

CI/CD was implemented using Jenkins